ARES Repeaters for Johnson County

  • Primary Analog Skywarn: Cleburne, TX 145.490  PL 88.5
  • Primary Digital Use and Backup Skywarn: Cleburne, TX 444.125  PL 88.5   *YSF WIRES-X Listen Online
  • Alt Backup Keene, TX 443.125 PL 110.9  *YSF
  • Simplex 146.48

 Local Repeater Information: 

Mansfield 145.39:110.9, 224.46:110.9, *YSF 448.775/negative offset:167.9

Burleson 440.700:136.5 *YSF WIRES-X

Venus 441.725 DMR  Color:1 ID: 314526 Time Slot: TS01,TS02

Alvarado 147.220+PL:110.9 YSF InProgress

Keene 443.125 PL:110.9 *YSF

*YSF Bosque County: 147.18+ PL:123

*YSF Hill County: 146.78- PL:123

Click here for 25 mile radius of repeaters from Cleburne, TX

YSF=Yaesu System Fusion

* The 444.125 MHz Repeater is a Yaesu™ System Fusion (PDF) machine. 

System Fusion is the only digital mode ham repeater system that allows FM and Digital to coexist. 

If you are FM capable only, it is recommended that you engage full 136.5 PL tone squelch so you don’t hear the digital transmissions that would sound like a loud rushing noise. 

Also, in FM mode there is a 5 second delay before it switches back to automatic mode. This is by design.

FM Users: Be sure the channel is not active with digital before you key up on FM if you use full PL mode. 

You would do that by either disengaging the tone squelch (recommended) or by looking at your S-meter.

System Fusion Digital Users: leave your rig in AMS mode (automatic mode select) when monitoring to avoid not hearing FM when you are in monitoring mode.  Engage digital mode only when in an actual digital QSO and returning to AMS mode when you are done will insure you don’t key over FM transmissions. 
Since this is a multi-mode repeater it will be a challenge to keep the FM and Digital transmissions from bumping heads but with good amateur practice it can be kept to a minimum.