Weekly Nets

Johnson County News, Information, and Training Net

Sundays 19:30

Johnson County news, information, and training net, sponsored by the Johnson County Amateur Radio Club, the Johnson county Amateur  Repeater Association and Johnson County ARES.  This net is called at 1930 hours each Sunday night. For net control operators, below is a link for the preamble and script.

  • 145.490 repeater, PL 88.5
  • 444.000 repeater, PL 136.5

Net Preamble

North Texas Youth Net

Sundays 18:30

The North Texas Youth Net is an opportunity for all youth (and young at heart) to get a chance to operate with their peers each week. This net is called at 6:30pm before the Johnson County News, Information, and Training Net.

  • 145.490 repeater, PL 88.5
  • 444.000 repeater, PL 136.5

Young Ladies North Texas Net

Mondays 20:00

The YLNTX net is held on Monday nights @ 8pm. All licensed amateur ladies are welcome to check-in, men are welcome to listen and encouraged to act as control station for third party traffic for any unlicensed ladies who would like to participate.

  • 442.325 repeater, PL 127.3
  • 442.225 repeater, PL 110.9

Keene Texas Adventist Emergency Communications Net

Thursdays 20:00

The Keene Texas AEC Net is held Thurs nights at 8pm.

  • 443.125 repeater, PL 110.9

Mansfield Johnson Amateur Radio Service Net

Fridays 19:00, Except the first Friday of the month

The MJARS Net is held on Fridays at 7pm, except for the first Friday of the month during their monthly meeting.

  • 448.775 repeater, PL 167.9

W5TSG Traffic and Training Net

Wednesdays 20:00

The W5TSG TRAFFIC AND TRAINING NET is held on Wednesdays at 8pm on 147.320 (123.0pl). Please note that on the last wed of each month the net will be held on 145.310 (123.0pl). All licensed operators are welcome to check in.

  • 147.320 repeater, PL 123.0
  • 145.310 repeater, PL 123.0

220 Net

Thursday 20:00

The 220 net will be on Thursdays evenings @ 8:00pm on 224.78 (110.9), then moves to 224.46 Mans rptr. Email Jim kb0dbj@arrl.net for more info.

  • 224.78 repeater, PL 110.9
  • 224.46 repeater, PL 110.9

Bosque County Net

Tuesdays 19:00

The Bosque County Net is held on Tuesday nights at 7pm.

  • 147.180 repeater, PL 123.0